Smiley Grim Reaper Death On A Clock

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One of Banksys popular icons aside from the Balloon Girl is the Smiley Grim Reaper. It is one of his earliest street pieces in East London. One of his artwork that used this icon may have been whitewashed during the anti-graffiti sweep imposed by the city council in 2007. One of the pieces featuring this icon that remains is the Smiley Grim Reaper Death On A Clock. It was originally part of a pop-up shop exhibition done by the artist in Soho, Londons Berwick Street.

The piece shows the grim reaper in monochrome, black and white. He is holding a sickle and sitting on clock with a pendulum hanging below it. The hands on the clock show the time as being five minutes to midnight. The grim reapers face is that of a smiley done in bright yellow. The eyes, although colored in solid black, appear to be looking directly at whoever is viewing the picture.

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