Space Girl and Bird

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Space Girl and Bird first appeared in Chicago, Illinois. The initial impact of this art piece gives the casual passerby a sense of warm, childish innocence. The artist’s choice of soft, feminine colors highlights the sense of peace in the print. Above the girl in a spacesuit, a dripping pink heart floats high as she gazes down at the yellow, canary-like bird in her hand. Mysteriously, the girl’s other hand casually rests in her pocket, giving the print a soft, relaxed first impression.

The artist portrays the spacesuit in a unique manner. The suit looks more like an old deep-sea divers suit than a modern astronauts spacesuit. The passerby recognizes the figure in the print as female by the long tail of hair poking out of the back of the suit’s helmet. The small, boot-like legs also point to a feminine figure. Combined with the yellow bird and pink heart, the art piece conveys a sense of feminine comfort.

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