Stormtroopers Filming Oscars

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Stormtroopers Filming Oscars appeared just four miles south of the world-famous Hollywood district in Los Angeles, California. One cannot separate the art piece’s first impressions from its poignant locale. Hollywood is the unquestioned seat of movie magic in America ” some would say abroad too ” and the use of Empire characters from the film franchise Star Wars further accents the irony in this print.

Hanging this art piece in a large movie poster frame, perhaps accented with stark lighting, would be a great way to present this print in a manner fitting the content. Star Wars characters have become a part of American folklore over the last few decades as producer George Lucas expanded the franchise even further with the release of three additional films. For the Star Wars fanatic, this print is a must-have art piece.

The irony of the piece is that in the film Stormtroopers are menacing soldiers, but in this art piece, the artist has presented them comically conducting an interview. The fictional characters of the film become the filmers, a playful reversal of roles which further accents the irony portrayed. The inquisitive Stormtrooper in the middle of the piece seems to stare out as if puzzled himself at his place in the scene.

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