Sunflower Field Gas Mask Girl

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This graffiti work Sunflower Field Gas Mask Girl by the artist Banksy was originally located in London, England. The painting depicts a masked man who appears to have just finished spraying a graffiti sunflower onto a trash can. Instead of his face in the mask, there is a view of a meadow of flowers. It is because of this that the vandal” appears to have good intentions. He is expressing what he thinks and feels onto his canvas, but the image of the man being masked invokes a feeling of coldness and sometimes even fear.

Its possible that Banksy is trying to dig deeper in the implications and on societys take on graffiti itself. Society seems to assume that creators of graffiti are these masked, hooded people who have evil intentions and want only to turn a nice city into a dirty one. In reality, these artists may have good intentions and may even be trying to spread goodwill. Instead they are regarded as outsiders and miscreants.

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