Tesco Bag Flag Tesco Generation

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Tesco Bag Flag Tesco Generation originally appeared on Essex Road in Islington, England. The scene in this art piece shows three children giving all manner of respect to a hastily lifted Tesco bag that flies like a flag in the breeze. One young lad hoists the Tesco plastic bag as the other two children, a boy and a girl, salute the makeshift icon as if saluting the British flag.

This print is heavy with irony and political commentary. The first impression of the scene conveys a sense of shock among the casual art viewer as the children seem to honor the Tesco grocery bag as they might honor their nation’s flag. The children in this art piece idolize the bag, which seems to be the artist’s representation of commercialism and consumer culture. The children in the photo now show allegiance to a corporation rather than their home country.

The only color that the artist chose to use in this art piece appears on the makeshift flag. This choice further accents the allegiance of the children to the plastic Tesco flag hoisted high. The children are oppositely depicted in soft grey, black and white paint, which furthers the sense of their disaffection.

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