Tesco Sandcastle

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Tesco Sandcastle originally appeared in Hastings, England. In this art piece a child sits among five sandcastles that surround a larger sandcastle. On top of this center castle flies a tiny representation of the British flag. The most poignant aspect of the print is the name Tesco” written on each of the five sandcastles as if by the hand of the child in the scene. The child itself sits off the left of his sandcastles depicted wearing stylish sunglasses and hat, a humorous portrayal of the child’s innocence. This child has no shortage of fashion sense.

As the casual viewer delves deeper in the implications of this art piece, the first impression of the print remains muddled. It is unclear which Tesco company the artist intends to portray; the drilling company or the retail shop both seem to be candidates, and perhaps this duality was intentional on the part of the artist.

The choice of using sandcastles to display the Tesco logo is significant. It implies that Tesco owns the beach in a childish manner, surrounding the larger castle claimed by the British flag. The central idea behind this print seems to be that Tesco is encroaching on British soil one child’s castle at a time.

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