The Thinker Monkey

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As the many collectors of contemporary art are aware, Banksy is one of the most collectible artists of the genre existing today. He might also be the edgiest who, ironically, is the darling of the very people he mocks.

The Thinker Monkey probably began life as a stencil on canvas since Banksy considered himself to be too slow at creating public art graffiti and turned to stenciling on canvas from the year 2000 forward. Adding to this decision might be that much of his graffiti was painted over due to municipal ordinances and unappreciative passersby. His work is collected by celebrities as well as contemporary art aficionados around the world.

“The Thinker Monkey” is a seemingly simple graphic in black and white. The intelligent subject of the piece appears to make fun of the human who considers his species to be the only thinking animal on the planet. This monkey clearly is pondering a deep subject and will undoubtedly come up with a profound conclusion to his intellectual meanderings.

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