Thug For Life Bunny

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UK-based graffiti artist Banksy is easily the most famous graffiti artist in the world. His work has appeared in cities all over in city streets or in his own exhibitions. Banksy is known for creating controversial art that is socially conscious and often politically motivated. One theme in his work seems to be the negative effects of capitalism and consumer culture along with the power of the media. Banksy touches on this theme in his work known as Thug For Life Bunny.

In the piece, which was originally located in London, UK, a joyful, fun, innocent-looking bunny sits smiling. He is wearing a bright pink shirt that reads THUG FOR LIFE” and the viewer can see that he has a cigar in one paw and a shiny ring on the other. Perhaps the artist is trying to convey and criticize how the media and entertainment industry have commodified the idea of thug life” as talked about by hip-hop artists so that young, innocent souls such as this bunny actually aspire to be thugs.

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