Tox in Camden

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Banksys Tox piece in Camden Town pays homage to London graffiti artist Daniel Halpin, also known as Tox, who was found guilty of seven counts of criminal damage. During the hearing, the prosecutor stated that Halpin is no Banksy” while also commenting that Halpin lacks artistic skill and tags his name repeatedly to compensate for the lack of skill. The judge in the case went on to further comment that Halpin lacks any creative and artistic skills.

Tox in Camden depicts a boy walking with a bucket of orange bubbles, with the bubble wand popping out letters spelling the name of the convicted artist, in similar style to the imprisoned artists tag. The boys eyes are blacked with a censor bar, perhaps making a statement about the comments during Halpins criminal hearing.

Tox was first seen on the 22nd of June, and by the 24th the owner of the building had covered the piece of art with Perspex, a poly-made protective sheet, to keep the Banksy piece from being damaged.

Found on Jeffreys Street, the street art dedication is cheekily located directly underneath a surveillance warning sign. No stranger to controversy, it seems as though Banksy has once again completed another fantastic piece, right under the nose of authority, all while defending the honor of another artist who went to prison for making the same style of art.

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