Welding Rats

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One of his newest prints, which has become popular on various internet sites, is Welding Rats. The print is relatively new, depicting a hard-working rat complete with welding protective gear. The rat welder is hard at work creating a black and white canvas print that would be a great addition for a graffiti art collectors painting collection.

Throughout the ages, society has seen rats as unwanted and despised. They are viewed as dirty and as harbingers of diseases. From ancient times to present, the mere mention of the word rat” evokes a less than pleasant reply. What better object to use to portray the rise from the bottom of the ditches to being a useful, needed member of society? This image of a hard-working rat also provides a tongue-in-cheek look at the modern labor market, even involving manufacturing and industrial work. Hard-working factory workers are often looked down on, and a rat proves to be the perfect depiction and dichotomy between manufacturing and factory workers and their plight in life, often working long hours yet let unappreciated.

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