Weston Super Mare Man Bench Bandsaw

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The Weston Super Mare Man Bench Bandsaw was one of several paintings exhibited by Banksy in a restaurant in Severnshed, Bristol last 2000. Three years later, 750 prints of this same scene were released. 150 of these were signed by the artist. Today, these prints are generally worth at least 3,000, sometimes even as high as 12,000 especially for the signed versions.

The original painting shows a man sitting on a typical seaside bench found in places like Weston Super Mare. He is looking towards his right, obviously preoccupied with being preoccupied. He does not notice the large rotating bandsaw perilously close to where he sits. The painting is more colorful than the prints. It shows a blue sky, a man in olive drab coat, and a dark brown bench.

The print versions are 35 cm in height and 100 cm in length. The colors used are either in monochrome or light gray-brown for the man and the bench. The sea is colored gray or a slightly darker shade of brown. Another striking difference, the bandsaw is on the other side of the print from the man giving the artwork visual balance. The bandsaw is always solid black in all versions. Also, despite minute variations, the meaning remains the same in both the painting and the print version.

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