What Are You Looking At Security Camera

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The use of closed circuit public surveillance cameras is becoming more prevalent around the world. People are becoming more aware that they are being watched as they go about their everyday activities. Some feel very unsettled about being watched.

What Are You Looking At Security Camera by Banksy is a work that takes a jab back at the establishment. A camera is viewing a wall that has the words “what are you looking at security camera” on it. The wall is very simple and austere. The words seem to echo the sentiments of all who find themselves under the eye of cameras even though they are productive citizens.

The mood of the work is very defiant. It is the perfect print for those who believe in freedom and aren’t afraid to let everyone know it. The work is simple but has a very powerful message that should be shared. The print can inspire debate and get people talking about whether or not public surveillance is an effective measure to deter crime or a violation of public life. There may be valid points on both sides. Banksy’s work encourages people to talk about them and make their own decisions for themselves.

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