Yellow Lines Flower Painter

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Located in Bethnal Green in London, the Yellow Lines Flower Painter is one of Banksy’s most famous pieces. In this piece, the world-renowned graffiti artist shows a painter, presumably tasked to paint the yellow lines so common to the streets of London, taking a break after painting a large yellow flower on a wall.

The Banksy usual brilliance is on full display here, both as an artist and as a thinker. The painter is drawn in full detail, from the shadows in his white cap to the folds in his overalls. Of course, the real genius is in the simplicity of the yellow painted flower itself. It makes the entire work of art so believable. Those who see it will see a flower painted by a street painter, and not a genius artist like Banksy.

The piece carries a very whimsical message. It encourages those who see it to break out of the lines and to do something different. There is a place for order, yes, but it should not be used to stifle the human spirit.

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