The Guide to Using Chalk for Stencil Art

Why use chalk you say? I live on a huge college campus, and if you have an event going on, you can legally chalk it around campus, but your not allowed to use spray chalk because it doesn’t really wash off easy like regular chalk. So, if you want to get a message across, why not use stencils to help. So i developed this method to legally chalk areas.

Here i have my stencil, a small paint roller, a can of spray adhesive and a bucket of chalk which I crushed into a fine powder with a hammer. The spray adhesive is a very weak one that I use for everything. I use it to attach my prints to the cardboard to cut them out, and I use it to hang stencils on the medium I’m gonna paint.

Pick your wall or sidewalk you want to put your stencil on, and rub it down to make sure there are no leaves or dirt that can hinder your work. Then spray the area with your spray adhesive.

Then place your stencil onto of the area and get some chalk on your roller.

Start rolling, be careful on the little thin strips, always roll with them, never against them if you can help it. You don’t want your roller getting stuck and ruining your stencil. When your done, blow away any access chalk and remove your stencil.

Hopefully it will look like it should. This method works better with stencils with large areas then with detailed ones.

I crushed up all the colors of chalk i had to try and achieve the darkest color of chalk i could. If you want your color darker, try adding some crushed charcoal into the mix.

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