How to Make a Sketchbook

This tutorial was written years ago for the original incarnation of stencilrevolution (before it was hacked and then hacked and then forgotten about until now!) I find this is more convenient for small books, which are hard to find, and...

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The Guide to T-Shirt Printing with Stencils

This tutorial deals with printing up low cost t-shirts with your existing stencils using paint. There are many ways to print stencils up on shirts, silk screens etc, but this is the cheapest and easiest and only way that we...

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The Respirator Chemical Safety Guide

The Loki Safety guide To painting the world. The number one form of protection any aerosol artist should invest in is a respirator. The common question seems to be “Is it worth the money?” The answer: Absolutely! The paints and...

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The Ghostpatrol Guide to Making T-Shirts

As someone who really appreciates ghostpatrol street art, I was inspired to make this tutorial for t-shirt design. MATERIALS I use acetate stencils, I’m sure other stencils will work as well. They can’t be too thick though. Fabric paint seems...

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The Guide to Using Chalk for Stencil Art

Why use chalk you say? I live on a huge college campus, and if you have an event going on, you can legally chalk it around campus, but your not allowed to use spray chalk because it doesn’t really wash...

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