Don't Tread on Me Stencil


Uses for stencils are almost endless, with the correct paint you can put your mark on a large variety of objects. We use 250 micron mylar which is a durable plastic like material. The "don't tread on me" Gadsden flag stencil is a seriously awesome design. The timber rattlesnake coiling is very detailed and will show your patriotic side. Also known as the "Gadsden flag" this flag dates back all the way to the 1700s where it the snake design began to have symbolism representing the colonies. The stencil works great for wood signs, walls, and a variety of other surfaces to showcase your Gadsden flag design. There have been discussions about if the motto should contain an apostrophe or not, we had to take a side so we went with keeping it. We decided to stay within the confines of proper grammar for this.