Reusable Laser Cut Mylar Stencils

Welcome to our shop of reusable stencil templates. Whatever your project may be we offer these stencil templates and designs so you can get a proper start. If you’re just starting to learn about stencil art then check out our tutorials section for help. These cool spray paint stencils and patterns will help you stencil like a pro!

About our Stencils

Our stencils are cut with a Co2 laser cutter on Mylar which is reusable and washable. Our roots started with graffiti and street art having a forum of stencil artists then we expanded into having a full service stencil shop. ALL of our stencils are manufactured in the USA out of our shop in Florida. Our entire team is based in the U.S. which allows us to produce a wide variety of stencil designs in multiple sizes as the majority of our stencils are made to order. We also offer an extremely quick turnaround time of 1-2 business days.

Our Sizes

We offer a variety of different sizes for our stencils from small to large stencil sizes. Sizes are based on the sheet size with the graphic dimensions as large as possible while leaving enough masking room.

5″ x 6″
8.5″ x 11″
12″ x 12″
18″ x 12″
24″ x 18″

Our material is 10 mil thick Mylar which makes for a seriously durable stencil. For quick craft projects or heavy use, 10 mil is a cut above most other shops where you’ll find that use 5 mil or 7 mil for their stencils.

Our Stencil Cutting Process

After starting our shop in 2016 we have tested our laser relentlessly to get the cleanest possible cut at even the smallest sizes. Our goal was to offer one of the most precise laser cut stencils on the market. After thousands of cuts we found the perfect balance of power, speed, and frequency to achieve a flawless cut allowing us to cut incredibly intricate designs with 100% consistency.

Have Questions?

We have a collection of common questions and answers here in our FAQs section. You can also contact us with any questions and we’re happy to help.