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As a shop who produces all of our stencils in the USA this is truly one of our favorite stencils. Our fellow Americans also seem to agree since wood flags have become a very popular craft item in recent years. We have created these 50 star sizes specifically from the US specs so you're getting an official flag size as your end result. Below you'll find the actual dimensions for the star union so you can plan your project perfectly. We have designed the star union to fit perfectly within the correct sizing for an official US flag. Also since the stencil is reusable you'll be able to make as many flags as you'd like. Our material is a durable 10 mil thick Mylar which is easy to wash and work with. Typically people use the stencil of 50 stars to create big wooden flags or either flag craft projects. Again we have sizing info listed below so you can make sure your 50 star pattern is the perfect size.

Actual 50 Star Dimensions

To help you plan your craft project perfectly, here are the exact dimensions for the actual star union on each of our sizes.

5 x 6 – 5.34″ width x 3.71″ height
8.5 x 11 – 9.79″ width x 6.80″ height
12 x 12 – 10.68″ width x 7.43″ height
18 x 12 – 15.36″ width x 10.68″ height
24 x 18 – 21.36″ width x 14.85″ height
36 x 24 – 32.04″ width x 22.28″ height

Since our sizes are based on the sheet we wanted to include the exact dimensions since we know how important it is for projects using this stencil. Next are the resulting dimensions for the FULL flag that would fit these star unions.

Estimated Resulting Full Flag Sizes

We designed our star union based on the official flag dimension ratios. If you want to maintain the proper proportions of your finished full flag, here are the rough dimensions you will achieve with each size.

5 x 6 – Full flag size 14.5″ x 7.5″
8.5 x 11 – Full flag size 26″ x 13.5″
12 x 12 – Full flag size 29″ x 15″
18 X 12 – Full flag size 42″ X 22″
24 x 18 – Full flag size 57″ x 30″
36 x 24 – Full flag size 85.5″ x 44.5″

That should help get your project planned properly so your flag is proportionate with how the US flag should be. Of course these dimensions don’t have to be set in stone. The star template will work for whatever flag size you make, these are just to help you estimate the best sizing within the actual U.S. flag specifications.

Common uses for the 50 stars template

Our 50 stars design is one of our most popular stencils in the shop. More and more people are creating their own custom American flags out of reclaimed wood or other material and a stencil is perfect for the star portion. We have several customers that make beautiful flag designs from outdoor decor to Cornhole games. It’s one of those things that you just need a stencil for if you want to get it right. Trying to paint all 50 stars can be a nightmare. Then you’re beautiful flag winds up with a bunch of wonky stars and your hard work is for nothing. Don’t let your flag have wonky stars, let our stencil help do the job right for you.

Tips for using the stencil

When it comes to choosing a quality paint for your stencil project with the 50 stars, there are several options out there. This decision really depends on the medium you plan on painting. With reclaimed wood for example, an acrylic based paint will work great. It’s best to lay the stencil flat on your object and the paint can be applied with a roller, stencil brush, or spray can. For the stars the best method is using a roller and applying the paint as lightly as you can.

If you’re using spray paint, be sure to choose a low pressure can with a skinny cap if possible. This is important for more detailed stencils to prevent any over spray. With the 50 stars it’s fairly easy stencil to apply since the actual stencil is very stable. Just make sure the stencil is firmly pressed down on your surface and the result should be nice and clean. If you’re using the stencil to make a wood flag then obviously there isn’t much margin for error. So be very careful if you take this route.

Reusable and cut to last

“Are the stencils reusable?” You bet they are, our material (Mylar) can be washed. This will allow your 50 star stencil to hold up for hundreds of uses if cared for properly. It’s not some flimsy stencil that will fall apart on you after the first use. You’ll be making flags for years!

Laser cut precision

Every stencil is made-to-order with our in-house laser cutter, using only the best material…cuz we’re a little obsessed with stencils. Your stencil will hold up to a serious beating. With Mylar you know the material can hold up to nearly anything. It can be washed with soap and water or even paint thinners. Since Mylar is resistant to most solvents it makes the perfect material for stenciling.

Made in the USA

Our stencils are made only with official 10 Mil thick Mylar. It’s food safe and durable enough to stand up to heavy use. Material is sourced from the US, and then cut at the Stencil Revolution shop, in Florida. That’s right, a stencil of the 50 stars, made right here in the USA. It doesn’t get much more American than that!


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