Chevron Stencil


We offer laser cut stencils produced from 10 mil (250 micron) mylar. This Chevron stencil works great for a variety of applications. Our material is flexible yet durable so it will work for hundreds of jobs. Our Chevron stencils are great for personalizing your crafts and DIY projects.


Our Chevron stencils are made with reusable mylar in 10 mil thickness which is reusable and extremely durable. These stencils are great for all kinds of crafts and DIY projects. Since the stencil can be reused many times the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to application. If you need a specific size for your stencil of the Chevron pattern then just contact us and we’ll create whatever you need.

Sizes are based on sheet size and we stretch the stencil as big as possible for the material. We leave just enough room around the edge for you to get your stencil ready for use. Our patterns are designed to be continuous so they can be easily repeated to cover your area. This Chevron pattern works great for canvases or walls and provides a quick way to add style to near any surface.

About Our Stencils

All stencils are made to order with just a 1 business day production time. This means after you order your stencil, we’ll have it in the mail within 24 hours (Mon-Sat). We cut all stencils in the USA right out of our shop, based in New York. The material we use is mylar, an extremely durable plastic that is washable and will last for hundreds of uses if kept clean. For cutting we use a c02 laser machine. Combine this with our deep roots in stencils that trace back to 2002 and you have some of the most precision cut stencils around.