Compass Stencil


Incredibly detailed compass stencil design to add the perfect touch to your nautical themed project. One of our most popular designs, this compass graphic will give a nautical like feel to your craft project or decor. The compass rose works for a variety of surfaces, it's very detailed though so make sure you've got it firmly secured before painting. We can create this in both small or large sizes, up to a 21″ diameter on our biggest size. You'll find that since our material is so sturdy even the details are easy to work with. Just make sure the compass is secured firmly if you're stenciling it on a wall. It can also be put down on a floor or even a table to create a custom effect. We put some serious work into creating this design and we've found that people really love how intricate the design is compared to simpler ones out there. You can use your stencil of a compass for a variety of projects which makes it a great stencil to add to your collection. We've even seen a customer use the stencil on glass so the possibilities are almost endless.


Actual Compass Dimensions

To help get your project just right, here are the exact diameters for each compass graphic size.

5″ x 6″ – 4.25″ diameter
8.5″ x 11″ – 7″ diameter
12″ x 12″ – 10.5″ diameter
24″ x 18″ – 16.5″ diameter
36″ x 24″ – 21″ diameter

Common uses

This stencil works great for a variety of surfaces. It’s one of the most intricate compass rose stencils you’ll find yet still easy to use. It can be used on walls, floors, and even on concrete. The compass is very versatile for giving your project a nautical theme. With our size options you can create projects that are small since we offer a 5″x6″ option or go very large with a bigger wall sized compass craft stencil.

Tips for painting Your stencil

When painting your compass it’s crucial to make sure the stencil is placed firmly on your surface. Since the stencil has a lot of detail you want to be very careful if using spray paint to apply it. The stencil is designed to be very stable but it still needs to be applied carefully. A small paint roller works great for getting a clean result with the compass design. The compass also works great with the boat anchor and wave designs for creating a full nautical theme.

Our process

For ship every stencil in sturdy envelope with our logo hand sprayed on every package. For larger stencils they are rolled gently and placed in a 5″ square tube. We take pride in making sure every stencil is cut perfectly without any imperfections. Since we cut everything in-house we are able to come through on this promise every time.

Our material

We use official Mylar, 10 mil thick which is thicker than the 7 mil you’ll find at many other shops. A thicker stencil translates into an easier time for the person painting it. There really isn’t any case where you would need one to be thinner, this is why we only use the best material. We source our material in the U.S. which is only authentic Mylar brand material which is food safe and comes in the hazy or frosted color.