Eiffel Tower Stencil


The beautiful iron lattice tower in Paris, France, now brought to you in stencil form. We have the perfect Eiffel tower stencil design template that is reusable and works with a variety of surfaces. Our stencils are produced from Mylar which is a reusable and washable material. You can use our stencils for walls, fabric, and many different craft projects. Perfect for creating that French themed project, this stencil of the Eiffel tower is simple and easy to use. Since the stencil is reusable, you can easily repeat the Eiffel tower as a pattern. The decorative arches and shape of the tower is recognized globally even for those who have never had the pleasure of traveling to France.


Our Material

We only use the best material for our stencils, durable 10 mil thick Mylar. Mylar is extremely durable and resistant to most solvents making it great for reusable stencils. It’s also food safe so it can be used for decorating in baking. If you clean and store the material properly it will last you for hundreds of uses. That’s the beauty of a stencil, since it’s not just a one time use you’ll get some serious use out of it.

Fast Shipping

All of our stencils are produced in the USA and shipped from sunny Florida. We’re proud to offer a 1 business day turnaround on all of our shop stencils. With our incredible team we are able to have stencils cut and in the mail in most cases the same day you order them. This helps set us apart from other stencil shops, when you order from us you know your stencil is in route without any delays.

Laser cut

We use a Co2 laser cutting machine and our proprietary settings to create the perfect consistent cut. Even with the most intricate designs, we are able to achieve some of the most detailed cuts using a specific setup for cutting Mylar. We were able to perfect this after making literally thousands of cuts and relentlessly testing our process in our quest to get the perfect cut.

Common uses

There are so many applications for our stencils even we’re surprised by the creative things our customers come up with. Furniture, signs, walls, the list goes on, if paint can stick to it then chances are it can be stenciled.

Sizing variety

Our customers love our wide variety of sizing. You get plenty of flexibility since we range from a small 5”x6” stencil all the way up to very large stencils for walls. Whatever your project requires, chances are you can find the right size stencil for the job.