Panda with Guns


Panda with Guns is a reusable stencil by Banksy with every detail cut using laser precision. Like every reusable stencil we sell, this Banksy stencil is hand-crafted in the USA, made on-demand at Stencil Revolution, and shipped out within two business days. We only use the highest quality, food-grade 10 mil Mylar, which is a durable plastic-like material, so you can be sure you're getting the best quality stencil available.


Pandas look so cute, and are not particularly intelligent. It is hard to imagine one handling guns let alone using them. In this canvas, we have a black-and-white rendering of a panda bear with handguns in its front paws. The guns are held high; the panda looks to its right.

A surprise in researching this print is that it is not the work of Banksy. He does not know why he is credited for it. This print may actually be the work of an artist named Julien Fanton Däó»Andon, and is the logo for Bad Panda Records which is based out of Berlin, Germany. The panda with guns was originally painted on a wall outside a pub in Bristol, England.