Cave Painting

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This graffiti by the artist Banksy originally appeared at Leake Street in London, England in May 2008. It was painted over by August 2008. Leake Street is infamously known as Banksy Tunnel”, mostly because the tunnels are decorated with graffiti initially created during the Cans Festival, which was headed by Banksy himself in May 2008. The road is approximately 300 meters long and graffiti seems to be tolerated there regardless of the legal complications.

This work features a traditional cave painting of early humans hunting animals, much like the cave paintings that early humans created. However, there is a worker that appears to be painting over the cave paintings, as if to tidy the area up for other usage. This painting may implicate the covering up of other artworks, particularly street artwork such as graffiti. The painting invokes disappointment to the viewer, or perhaps anger to others, as a work of art is being covered up carelessly and with no regard to its true value. The history of those people is slowly being erased by society, much like some graffiti is quickly removed regardless of its message, positive or negative.

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