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How to Stencil Like a Pro: A Beginner's Guide

How to Stencil Like a Pro: A Beginner's Guide

Learning how to stencil is a fabulous way to bring out your inner-artists and create a unique handcrafted finish on any surface: walls, floors, furniture, wood, metal, paper, fabric.Stencilling is easy as it is fun and inspires a feeling of...

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how to clean and store stencils

How to clean and store stencils

With care, a good quality mylar stencil will last for a long time, but it is important to clean and care for your stencil properly between uses. Leftover paint on the edges will interfere with the quality of the stencil graphic, and...

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Welcome to Stencil Revolution! We offer a HUGE variety of reusable stencils for artists and crafters for all types. At Stencil Revolution we make ALL of our stencils right here in the USA with a laser cutter. You'll find over 750+ different stencils for sale with up to 8 different size options to choose from. From large wall stencils to a variety of different mandala stencil designs, we've got it all. We also process all of our orders in only 1 business day. This is one area we’re extremely proud of. When you place an order, within 24 hours we’re firing up our lasers, cutting your stencil(s) and getting those babies in the mail! That means most domestic orders will be in your hands within 2-5 business days using standard shipping.

Our material
We use a 12 mil Mylar, it's the toughest, safest consumer-grade stencil material available. It's incredibly durable (tear proof) yet flexible enough to bend around surfaces if needed. Since Mylar is resistant to most solvents, it can even be washed with paint thinner! Our Mylar is also food safe, so it can be used for cookie stencils and baking.

Made with love in USA
We're a small family owned company based out of sunny Florida where we manufacture and ship ALL of our craft stencils. Every stencil we make is cut and packaged right here in the USA by one of our team. For us stencils are more than just a business. They are something we truly love and find passion in. We have to pinch ourselves sometimes because it really seems like a dream that working with stencils is actually our day job. And we get to play with lasers! This is all thanks to our amazing customers that enable our family to live a simple, purposeful life.