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The pineapple is not only a healthy tropical fruit but it also makes for an incredibly versatile stencil design. The pattern shows all the details of the pineapple beyond just a simple silhouette that you'll find with other designs. Available in both large and small sizes, the pineapple stencil is great for nearly any surface you want to give a tropical feel. From walls to painting a canvas bag, the stencil is a great template to add to the collection. We even offer extra large sizes which work great for walls. If used carefully you can also paint the pineapple two colors. You'll just need to use some masking tape and ideally paint the stencil in two parts. The trick is letting the first color dry then painting the second color.

When you imagine visiting a tropical paradise, you think of sandy beaches, palm trees and, of course, pineapples. This life-like pineapple will create a tropical atmosphere anywhere it's applied. The stencil is simple to use and comes in a variety of sizes, from 3”x6” to 55”x25”, making it adaptable for any project. Accent a room in your home, design unique clothing or accessories, or use it to create a DIY wooden sign to hang near your pool. These are just a few of the ways in which to use your new pineapple art stencil. Use it wherever you want to add a taste of the tropics!

Tips for Using Pineapple Stencils

Make sure your stencil is laying flat on the surface you will be applying it to. You may want to attach it to the surface with a couple pieces of painter's tape to keep it from moving. Use a small roller to apply one or two colors for a smooth look. Use a brush to apply two or more colors. You could even use a sponge to create a textured appearance. There are a multitude of different sponges to experiment with! To prevent paint from running underneath the stencil, be sure to keep firm pressure on the stencil while applying it, and to use only a small amount. You may want to practice on a sheet of paper or cardboard first to get an idea of how your finished product will look. These tips will help you to achieve a perfect pineapple stencil design.

Reusing and Storing Your Stencil

All our stencils are laser cut and made from 12 mil thick Mylar which is a material similar to plastic. This makes them easy to clean and durable. Paint thinner and other cleaners will not harm them. Clean thoroughly after each use. Then store the stencil flat or hanging to keep it from being damaged. Rolling the stencil will cause the details to bend, thus making it difficult to create a flawless design. By following these instructions, you are ensuring that your stencils can be used over and over again.


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