Wall Stencils

Hearts Clubs Diamonds Spades Stencil
Mosaic Tile Stencil
Damask Stencil

Damask Stencil

from $5.99
Harlequin Stencil
Leopard Print Stencil
Mandala Stencil
Harmony Mandala Stencil
Arabesque Stencil
Fish Scale Stencil
Greek Key Stencil
Marrakech Trellis Pattern Stencil
Moroccan Stencil
Polka Dots Stencil
Brick Stencil

Brick Stencil

from $5.99
Casino and Gambling Stencil
Checkerboard Stencil
Chevron Vertical Stencil
Geometric Stencil
Rangoli Stencil
Snakeskin Stencil
Tiger Stripes Stencil
Chevron Horizontal Stencil

Looking to create that unique and stylish decor without the hassle of wall paper? Here is our collection of wall stencils for creating the perfect decor on your desired canvas. They are easy and fun to use yet leaves a beautiful finished result. Our patterns have been specifically designed to fit our different sheet sizes from small to large. We offer all over patterns and abstract ones as well.

Why should I stencil my walls?

Ok so obviously you're not one of those incredibly boring people who just paints walls a single color. Single color? Gross. That's great you've come to your senses, walls deserve so much more. You want some spice in your life and have an appreciation for nice DIY art. This is where the wall stencil comes in and transforms you into a crafting badass. Without one who knows, you might end up elbow deep in wall paper glue cursing at your dog.

How difficult are they to use?

Let's put it this way, did you make it through 5th grade art class? Then we promise you'll do just fine. Just be careful of course, apply the paint gently and lightly. Patience goes a long way here so take your time. These stencils can also be used on floors a piece of furniture so it's not just limited to the walls. Let your creativity run wild!

What are they made of?

We use only the best material for our stencils. It's official food safe Mylar that will hold up for MANY uses. This stuff is really durable, like you could run it over with a tank and it would be fine. Although we don't recommend this for getting the longest life out of your stencil.

How are they shipped?

We ship the smaller stencils in a thick envelope that stands up to even the most aggressive of postal workers. For the wall stencils we ship them in a 5" square tube. They are gently rolled waiting to spring into action.