Brick Stencil


Bricks have been used as a building material for centuries. They create a predictable pattern that we have come to love and expect whenever we see a brick building. In fact, this can even be a soothing pattern, one that we like to bring inside our home, as well. That's why we created our Brick stencil pattern. This stencil depicts the traditional brick pattern that comes in one size – 33” x 21”. A single row of two bricks is 14” x 2”.

This Brick design stencil is large enough that it is easy to use it to stencil the pattern onto any wall in your home. We've even ensured there are registration marks to you can line the stencil up for perfect spacing, resulting in a professional look every single time.

You can create your brick pattern in the traditional colors of red and white or gray or you can shake things up and use completely different colors. The choice is yours, and no matter what you choose, you will end up with a look and feel you will love. Just paint the wall in the brick color and then use another color for the lines between the bricks.

You can even use the Brick stencil outside, painting a wall or floor of any material. As long as you are using the right paint for the medium, you can paint on walls, wood, concrete, glass, metal, and even plastic. The best part is the stencil is completely reusable, which means you can wash it when you are finished and store it away to use again and again. You can even lend it to a friend or a family member, so they can redecorate their home in the traditional brick pattern.

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