Forest Pattern Wall Stencil


This large forest pattern wall stencil is meticulously crafted to fit on any standard wall.

  • Buy 2 wall stencils and get free shipping! 2 stencils makes the job go much faster
  • Large 36" x 24" wall stencil for easier application, similar to a poster size
  • Easy-to-use registration marks for seamless pattern alignment
  • Fast shipping: Most domestic orders delivered in 2-5 business days
  • Proudly 100% made in the USA 🇺🇸 by a family-owned business

Not only that, but using the floral wall stencil is a piece of cake. It's big, so you can paint a large section of at one time. And the registration marks on the stencil will guide you so you can align and space the stencil perfectly every time you move it. It will only take a few minutes to paint an entire wall, and all for the cost of the stencil and some paint.

5.00 Average

17 Reviews


Wonderful stencil. We opted for a different stencil pattern but both were excellent quality and design.

Laurie Opperman

Love this stencil. I used it on the back of a China cabinet and it really brightened it up!

Andrea Mcwhorter

I cannot say how much I love this stencil! I painted my cabinets using it and it covered the full door and turned out so well! I've gotten multiple complements on it with several people thinking that I had put up a cling rather than painting it. That's how good this is!

Barbara Henderson

Beautiful stencil, thank you for such fast delivery. Can't wait to use it.


Very cute stencil. Can’t wait to use it. Wish it came in a smaller size. But overall it’s what I was looking for.


This was my first stenciling project and I'm pleased at how well it turn out. Followed others advice and bought stencil adhesive which made things much easier. I did screw up a few times, but the imperfections add character. Beautiful stencil. Company shipped fast.

Lindsay Burke

My first wall stencil and it worked beautifully!

Hilary Fisler

Easy to use and beautiful!

Nancy Parker

I love the stencil. We are remodeling now. I have not used it yet.

Jessi James

This stencil is amazing, it looks so good. You do need an extra pair of hands to help get it lined up sometimes but with this pattern even if you have a slightly wonky spot, it doesn't really show up. I'm beyond tickled

Celia StOnge

This stencil is my favorite of the three I bought. I made this table cloth! Much more to come!!!


Love this pattern! Great size stencil. I used a sticky spray to help keep everything in place. Painting with it is trial and error (getting the right amount of paint, brushing vs dabbing it on...eventually I figured out what worked best for me)

Dana Jones

This is the absolute highest quality stencil I’ve ever bought. I’m extremely pleased with it and will be ordering stencils from Stencil Revolution from now on.


Love it! It was not easy going around the window, but somehow we did it. Very happy with the results. We stenciled from the floor up. I would try going from the ceiling down next time.

Mindy Leitner

I am a decorative wall painter by trade and have used stencils for over 25 years. This was my first purchase from Stencil Revolution and I am throughly impressed! I bought two stencils to navigate the room more quickly . The stencils were the perfect thickness and were surprisingly large for the price!! Consider me a happy and sure-to-be repeat customer!!


My forest pattern wall stencil came quickly and in perfect condition! I had been looking for something whimsical instead of using wall paper, and this one fits the bill! I only have one problem....I have to decide where to use it because I love it so much I would love to cover the whole house with it!!!!!! Makes me feel good just looking at it!!!!

pamela gagnon silva

The stencil was absolutely amazing. The material is thick but flexible and the cut is very clean. I used mine to stencil my dining room walls. Top quality and worth the cost. I highly recommend.

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