Damask Floral Stencil


Sometimes a plain wall just doesn't cut it. Sure, painting your room in a fun color livens things up, but what if you could add another dimension to your decor? Well, now you can with our stunning Damask Floral stencil. This stencil offers you an easy way to create a beautiful Damask Floral design on any wall or floor in your home in mere minutes. And since the stencil has registration marks, you know the pattern will be evenly spaced and professional-looking.

All you need to do is choose the color you want the pattern in and the right paint for the surface material, whether that is a wall, tile floor, concrete, wood, metal, glass, or another surface. The stencil comes in a design size of 34.5” x 20.5” and an individual damask size of 10” x 9”. This means that you can paint just a single damask design onto furniture or a piece of art or paint the whole pattern on a wall or even a tabletop. You can even get this stencil and give it to a friend or family member who is on the lookout for a decorating idea that is unique and fun.

Perhaps the best part of all is that this Damask Floral stencil is 100% reusable. That means all you need to do when you're finished is wash it and store it away somewhere safe. Then it's ready for the next time you or someone you know wants to create something special. What a great and environmentally friendly way to express yourself! And a great investment in your DIY art and decor projects.

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