Join our Affiliate Program and Make Money Selling Stencils!

Welcome to the Stencil Revolution affiliate program! We manufacture all of our stencils in the USA shipped from our shop in sunny Florida. We use a Co2 laser cutter and years of experience to produce top quality reusable stencils. Working with us provides several benefits you won’t find with other affiliate programs out there.

Higher Payouts with Bonuses
We offer an industry leading 15% commission rate on all of our stencil products. This means when you send us traffic you’re making more money per sale. We also payout every 30 days unlike other programs out there which payout quarterly.

High Converting and High Average Order
We’re no strangers to marketing here at Stencil Revolution. Our co-founders both have long careers in digital marketing and have found their passion in stencils. With our skills in the online world we’ve creating a site that converts outstanding when compared to industry standards. We’re also constantly testing and tweaking our site to maximize returns on the traffic we receive. It’s a win win for the both of us.

Low Return Rate
When it comes to returns we have a remarkably low return rate. It’s less than 2% so you know you’re driving happy customers who will continue to be happy with your recommendations.

Superior Customer Service
Another big differentiator for us is the experience we give every customer we encounter. We strive to always take care of customers in a friendly and personal manner.

Huge Library of Stencils
Currently we have over 850+ designs in our library and we’re constantly adding new inventory. If there is a stencil you’re looking to market chances are we have it in stock. If not, we’re happy to consider any requests you have and pass them along to our design team. Since we manufacture and design everything in house we’re able to add new products incredibly fast.

More Size Variety
For the majority of our designs we offer 7-8 different size variations. This allows our customers to find the size they need for nearly any project. We offer two sets of sizes, rectangular and square sizes. For the rectangle sizes they range from 5” x 6” up to 55” x 35” on one single piece. Then for the square sizes we go from 6” x 6” up to 35” x 35"

We’re Here to Help you Grow
We love our affiliates here at Stencil Revolution (SR). We’re always here to help with whatever you need to succeed. Product reviews, giveaways, new product ideas, you name it and chances are we are open to work with you.

Thanks so much for considering working with us. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. We look forward to working with you.