Harlequin Stencil


What if you found out there was a fabulous, classy design you could use to turn a plain, boring wall into a celebration of joy for the eyes within mere minutes? And what if you could do all the work yourself with ease? You might think this just isn't possible, but it is, thanks to our gorgeous Harlequin stencil.

The Harlequin stencil design is a classic diamond pattern that was popular in the 1950s fashion and decor, although it has its root in 16th century Italian theater. But no matter how old this pattern is, it will look good in just about any room in your home because our fabulous Harlequin stencil brings this classic design to your decor in a new way.

This stencil is so easy to use! You can choose the base color and the color to use with the stencil, then you simply secure the stencil and paint. The design is 31” x 20” and each diamond in the design is 3” x 6”. It also has registration marks that make it possible to lay it out across the desired surface and get the spacing perfectly even every single time. The result will be a professional-looking paint job that people will have a hard time believing you did on your own. But you don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to, whether you have applied it to a wall, floor, or table top.

Of course, you might want to share your efforts with others because they will probably want to borrow your Harlequin stencil for their own decorating needs. It's a good thing the stencil is strong and durable and completely washable. Who knows how many times it will be used in the coming years?

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