Geometric Stencil


Is it time for a little redecorating? Looking for something that will spruce up the look of one or more rooms in your home? Well, we have just what you are looking for. Our Geometric stencil is the perfect stencil design for you to redo your decor DIY-style. This design is classy, sophisticated, and can really bring a blank, boring wall to life. All you need to do is choose the colors you want to work with. Select the base color for the wall, then choose a complimentary color for the design.

While painting an entire wall with the Geometric design might seem daunting, it's actually very easy. The design size of the stencil is 33.5” x 22” and each geometric shape on the stencil is shaped like a diamond that is 6” x 9” and has slanting lines that meet in the middle. Geometric wall sized stencils include registration marks, so as you move the stencil to paint again, you can achieve perfect spacing. You can literally paint an entire wall within minutes and it will look as though a professional did it.

Not only that, but you aren't limited to painting a wall. You can paint this design on floors, table tops, or anywhere else you wish. You just need to be sure you have the right paint for the medium. And if you feel the Geometric design isn't right for you, we have all kinds of others, such as the Birch Tree stencil.

Best of all, the Geometric stencils are 100% reusable. This means that you can use it in different rooms, in different locations, and as many times as you want. You can also lend it to friends and family members. It washes easily, and can even endure paint remover, and it stores away neatly for future use.

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