Fish Scale Stencil


Is it time to spruce up a boring, blank wall in your home or office? Maybe you own a retail store or are active at your church or community center. Wherever you feel you need to add a little fishy pizzazz, you can rely on our incredible Fish Scale stencil to do the trick. This stencil forms a repetitive pattern of fish scales that is 33.5” x 19.5”. Each individual fish scale is 4” x 3”.

This is so great for a bathroom wall, the wall in a pool area, or even the concrete around a pool.  You can also paint it on a table top, on the set of a play, or as the background for some really cool art. The Fish Scale stencil makes it possible to apply the pattern quickly and have a professional-looking design in just minutes. The stencil includes registration marks to ensure even and accurate spacing every time.

Choose a base color for the wall or floor, then choose the color for the scales. You can contrast black and white, grey and yellow, green and blue, or any other colors you wish. Just be sure you have chosen the right paint for the medium and you can literally paint this design anywhere. You can even paint it on the window of a pet store or aquarium.

The best part is that the Fish mermaid scale stencil is laser-cut from durable mylar that will last for many years. That means when you are done using the stencil, all you need to do is clean it and store it away for future use. You'll have it on hand the next time you get in the fishy mood and to lend to friends and family when they want to spruce up their decor.

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