Moroccan Detailed Stencil


There is nothing like redecorating a room the way you want it. Whether you are moving into a new home or you need a change in your current home, adding a beautiful design to a plain wall will really shake things up. And what better way to do that than to use our fabulous Moroccan Detailed stencil.

The Moroccan Detailed stencil provides a gorgeous repeating geometric pattern that brings the beautiful mosaic patterns of the Moroccan region right to your home. This stencil is designed so that you can cover an entire wall in this stunning pattern in mere minutes, yet have a completely professional look. This is made possible by the registration marks that allow for perfect spacing every single time.

The full design size of the Moroccan Detailed stencil is 34” x 22.5” and each individual pattern is 8” x 13”. Just think about how big that is. That’s nearly 3’ x 2’ and that means that you can cover a wall quickly. Just ensure the base color is what you want and then choose a complementary color for the pattern.

And remember that you can use the Moroccan Detailed stencil for more than just walls. As long as you have the right paint, you can paint it onto floors, concrete, wood, or anything else. Decorate a garden wall, table top, or bench seat. Lay this design on your basement floor. There are so many options.

The best part is that this stencil is 100% reusable because it is made with durable mylar. And because we cut the stencil in-house, we can ensure the precision of the design detail is preserved. When you’re finished with it, simply wash it and tuck it away. Just be prepared for your friends and family to want to borrow it when they see what you’ve done with it.

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