Buffalo Check Stencil


Pattern size: 31" x 22" - Individual square size: 4" x 4"

The buffalo check is a unique plaid design that was created over 100 years ago by Woolrich. Traditionally red and black in color, the buffalo check design has been popular ever since. We use it in fabric for clothes, table clothes, picnic blankets, bedding, and more. But what about bringing this design into your decor in a new and exciting way? Now you can with our incredible Buffalo Check stencil.

The Buffalo Check stencil offers up the traditional pattern of the buffalo check, with the solid colored squares and the diagonal squares that include the two colors used in the solid squares. The stencil measures 22” x 31” and each check is 4” x 4”, making the stencil ideal for painting a large area quickly and easily. This is even easier thanks to the registration marks that are included on the stencil, making it possible to get the spacing perfect every single time.

With this stencil design, you can completely transform a room. Paint the walls in the room your chosen base color, then choose one or two walls to which to apply the Buffalo Check pattern in a complementary color. You can also use this stencil design on a floor or on furniture, such as on a table top or bench seat. And if you aren't sure if the buffalo check is for you, check out our other Wall stencils, such as our Geometric stencil.

When you're ready to get down to painting, all you need to do is secure the stencil in place and paint. Yes, it's that simple. And because the stencil is reusable, you can wash it between uses and tuck it away until you need it again, or at least until someone asks to borrow it.

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