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Travelers, nomads, and explorers will love this intricate World Map stencil. Available in a variety of sizes, apply the map to your walls, bedroom end tables, or even the cover of a large notebook filled with tales of your epic adventures abroad. We often see customers use this stencil to mark all the places they've been on their living room wall. Now that's an awesome conversation piece.

Sizes are based on the full sheet, here are the exact world map dimension if needed:
  • 5"x6" Actual Dimensions: 5.3" width x 2.9" height
  • 8.5"x11" Actual Dimensions: 9.8" width x 5.4" height
  • 18"x12" Actual Dimensions: 16.4" width x 9" height
  • 24"x18" Actual Dimensions: 21.8" width x 12" height
  • 36"x24" Actual Dimensions: 33.5" width x 18.4" height
  • 48"x32" Actual Dimensions: 45.6" width x 25" height
  • 55"x35" Actual Dimensions: 52.3" width x 28.7" height

Do the same by first applying your world map stencil, and then marking the places you've explored with either this Military Star stencil, or using one of the stars included in our 50 Stars stencil.

Whatever you do decide to create with world map stencils, show us your creativity by tagging us on Instagram using the hashtag #stencilrevolution. If we love your work (and we will) we'd be happy to feature you on our account so all our followers can collectively go, “wow, that's so creative. I wish I'd thought of that.”

Don't worry about wear and tear on your stencil either. We've laser cut this world stencil from the same 10mm-thick Mylar used in all our products. Feel free to use and reuse your stencil until the cows come home. After each arts and crafts session, clean your stencil thoroughly with warm soapy water, or even a paint thinner like acetone if you want it completely clean.

Please note that before you order you'll first need to select a size from one of the above options. Each of our stencils comes with a .75” inside margin, so you'll need to account for that when ordering. This margin makes it easier to hold your stencil, tape it to the wall when working, and prevent rips and tears from repeated use.

4.88 Average

25 Reviews


Exactly what I needed.

John Peck

Great precise stencils! Great thickness and work well with airbrush or other application technics. Perfect packaging, very important they arrive undamaged!

Erica Riehm

Great quality product.

Troy Stone

Very good stencil. High quality mylar. Slight bleed under some edges but probably more due to inexperience than stencil.


Very fast shipping. Stencil is high quality. Would buy from this seller again.

Raj Roberson

Excellent quality

Hanna Chace

Love this world map stencil!! Clean cut edges and accurate. I have so many ideas I can't wait to use it with on my canvas paintings!

Gerard Labry

The stencils worked out great.

sharie aghapour

Just be careful what size you get. I made that mistake, but they were generous to refund my money. Unfortunately they could not take back the product because of Covid. I am happy that they still did refund my purchase.

Steven Truitt

Absolutely love the way this project turned out! Stencil is durable and was shipped and delivered very quickly!

Megan Lewis


Sheree McArthur

Great quality stencil! Great choice of sizes!

Karen Eaker

Susan Jankelow

Updated with photo. Great stencil

Amy Blackmon

Love this stencil. Made a beautiful statement art piece for our living room. Can’t wait to complete more pieces!

Carmen Storer

It worked great! High quality stencil. I followed your instructions on your website too and it worked!

Val Frania

I was very pleased with the quality of this stencil. I used it on the top of a large corner desk and it is the perfect size and was easy to work with. Working with such a large stencil with these details would have been a nightmare if I were using a different brand/type. The thickness of the stencil made the job so much easier. I'll recommend this to my furniture flipping friends.

Jola Pye

I have searched multiple sites for stencils.I even ventured to start a business opportunity that provides a monthly subscription to stencils. Needless to say, there is no comparison between what I received from Stencil Revolution for $5.99 as opposed to what they offered for $24.99(just for a stencil). Stencil application is my hobby. I don't need to pay outlandish prices for flimsy, poor quality stencils when I can contact Stencil Revolution and get better stencils, more variety and save money. I will order again( as soon as I get more projects for my husband to finish) Jola Pye Ridgecrest, Ca.


Stencil Revolution came through again. This is a perfect way to spread the world to everyone. The projects will be popping out soon. This selection of sizes makes for endless possibilities.

Amy Z

We love our stencil---worked great and looks amazing! Also, the customer service I received from this company was phenomenal! They went above and beyond to make sure the stencil was exactly the right size for what we needed.


I am using a 36” x 24” right now for a project. Shipped to Canada fairly quickly. I tested it out with ammonium chloride and no issues. Ammonium Chloride is great for wood burning projects.... Will buy their product again.


This stencil was perfect for a wood sign I made for a wedding gift. Shipping was timely and packaging was great - I kept the sturdy envelope for storage. Nice, high quality product!


Perfect for what I needed it for (a cake!). Thank you so much! Shipping was fast and arrived right on time. Thank you again!

Sarah McNeal

This stencil worked great for a project putting a world map on a wall in my house. I looked around for a large size world map for a while and none were as big as the 55"x35" here. The size is great, such a big stencil lol. We're marking different places we've been and want to visit making it a really fun project. Great stencil, highly recommend.

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