50 Stars Stencil


As a shop who produces all of our stencils in the USA this is truly one of our favorite stencils. Our fellow Americans also seem to agree since wood flags have become a very popular craft item in recent years. We have created these 50 star sizes specifically from the US specs so you're getting an official flag size as your end result. Below you'll find the actual dimensions for the star union so you can plan your project perfectly. We have designed the star union to fit perfectly within the correct sizing for an official US flag. Also since the stencil is reusable you'll be able to make as many flags as you'd like. Our material is a durable 10 mil thick Mylar which is easy to wash and work with. Typically people use the stencil of 50 stars to create big wooden flags or either flag craft projects. Again we have sizing info listed below so you can make sure your 50 star pattern is the perfect size.