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As a shop who produces all of our stencils in the USA this is truly one of our favorite stencils. Our fellow Americans also seem to agree since wood flags have become a very popular craft item in recent years. We have created these 50 star sizes specifically from the US specs so you're getting an official flag size as your end result.

Actual 50 Star Union Sizes:

5"x6" Actual Dimensions: 5.3" width x 3.7" height
8.5"x11" Actual Dimensions: 9.8" width x 6.8" height
18"x12" Actual Dimensions: 15.7" width x 10.9" height
24"x18" Actual Dimensions: 21.8" width x 15.2" height
36"x24" Actual Dimensions: 32.1" width x 22.3" height
48"x32" Actual Dimensions: 43.7" width x 30.4" height
55"x35" Actual Dimensions: 47.8" width x 33.3" height

We have designed the star union to fit perfectly within the correct sizing for an official US flag. Also since the stencil is reusable you'll be able to make as many flags as you'd like.

Our material is a durable 10 mil thick Mylar which is easy to wash and work with. Typically people use the stencil of 50 stars to create big wooden flags or either flag craft projects. Again we have sizing info listed below so you can make sure your 50 star pattern is the perfect size. Since our sizes are based on the sheet we wanted to include the exact dimensions since we know how important it is for projects using this stencil. Next are the resulting dimensions for the FULL flag that would fit these star unions.

Estimated Resulting Full Flag Sizes

We designed our star union based on the official flag dimension ratios. If you want to maintain the proper proportions of your finished full flag, here are the rough dimensions you will achieve with each size.

5"x6" Full flag size 14.5" x 7.5"
8.5"x11" Full flag size 26" x 13.5"
18"X12" Full flag size 42" X 22"
24"x18" Full flag size 57" x 30"
36"x24" Full flag size 85.5" x 44.5"
48"x32" Full flag size 118" x 61"
55"x35" Full flag size 130" x 67.5"

Hopefully that helps you get your project planned out properly. If you have any questions or need a custom size just send us a message and we'll get back to you right away.

Our Process

All of our stencils are made to order. We process orders in 1 business day cutting 100% of our stencils in-house. Our shop is based out of Florida where we proudly manufacture and ship our stencils Monday-Saturday. Whenever we cut a 50 star stencil it gives us a sense of pride in being an American company. It's an awesome stencil that is easy to use and will last for years if cared for properly.

4.69 Average

131 Reviews

Edward Rush

It is just the right size for the rugged American flag that I'm building.

Bruce Cisco

I haven't used my stencil yet but I am very happy with the timely delivery and the quality of the product. It is thicker than I expected, so i should get many uses from it. Thank you.

harold vassar

This company's product is amazing and they're shipping is nothing short of fantastic. I have bought several stencils from them and I'm impressed every time.


Worked great on what I was using the stencil for.

mary kreider

have used this stencil several times already and the points of the stars are just as sharp as the first time I used it!!!!

Dora Magilke

These stencils are the boom. Makes my work so much easier. They are flexable and easy to clean. Making my job so much faster. I love doing my American flags and will be able to make many more people happy.

Charles Pennington

Great quality. Just what I was looking for.

Bob taylor

great product


quick and easy

Jane Smith

I love my 50 Stars Stencil!! It will be perfect for my flag projects! Such a bargain too!

Jim Gifford

Absolutely perfect !! Precisely cut !! Highly recommend !!

Craig Vanderhoff

Great quality

richard messina

it will work just fine on a out door flag that needs some help caused by the weather a all new facelift

donald welch

need to clarify shipping: USPS, UPS, FEDEX etc; USPS delivers either to your home (where you receive mail), a POBOX or to another address all which may be different from credit card billing address!

Eric Goerdt

Great quality products at a great price. I do woodwork for a side business and you always have the products I need! Thank you.


As advertised. Good quality and worked perfect for cornhole boards


Just what I wanted! I was pleased with the punctuality of this company. It didn't take long to receive the stencil. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a 50 Star Stencil.


Worked out perfectly for the "thin blue line" flag I made my son for his recent retirement as a police officer.

Mike Ruth

Precisely cut and properly proportioned.

Jerome Sigur

Very quick shipping and the stencil was in great shape, just what I needed. Thanks Stencil Revolution!

Katy Hanrahan

Great quality and exactly what I needed! Quick shipping and very professionally packaged as well. Just ordered two more! Thank you!!

Greg Albaugh

Awesome product and awesome service! The huuuuge 55”x35” 50 star stencil was just the stencil for this epic rustic American barn flag.... thank you Stencil Revolution!!!! 303 Rusticwood

Vern Gauthier

Good product. Fast shipping


The stencil is thin but rigid. It was well packaged and shipped immediately. This was my first stencil project and it went very well.

James Collins

It looks great and is well made. It made my Pallet Flag look like a real flag. I see many of my friends requesting I make them one and since this is reusable it will make future flags much quicker and easier.

Tammy Davis

The stencils were absolutely perfect! My husband had an idea to make a 4 ft by 10 ft flag out of corrugated metal. He made it for a good friend that has a work shop. The guy didn’t have a sign yet on his business. So my husband did a wonderful thing by building the flag and put the friends business name on it. The stars stencil was perfect and beautiful. I’m so glad that he had found it online. Thank you so very much.

Dale Brown Sr

Great product and top quality

Brent Clark

While not the exact size I needed - I was able to alter the application I needed. I appreciate the variety of choices on your website and the service i experianced. Will be sure to use your company again.

Rachelle Farrow

Can’t ever go wrong with stars!

Rachelle Farrow

Can’t ever go wrong with stars!

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