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The Betsy Ross stars come from the original flag used by the USA when there were just 13 states in the union. As the legend goes, Betsy Ross convinced George Washington to use five-pointed stars in place of the six-pointed ones originally proposed. Unfortunately, at that time she didn't have access to StencilRevolution's laser cutting equipment and so everything had to be crafted by hand. She argued—successfully—that the five-pointed variety was simply easier to cut. To this day, that's star we use on our flag. Honor Betsy's contribution to our heritage by ordering today and adorning your walls, doors, and kitchen cabinets with a little taste of history.

If you'd prefer to paint the current American flag, try this American Flag stencil on for size. Or, continue diving into your nation's history with the iconic “Don't Tread on Me” design known as the Gadsden Flag. They're great for decorating a man cave, garage, or any surface that needs to be thoroughly Americanized.

As with all our products, your reusable Betsy Ross Stars stencil is proudly designed and built in the United States using American Mylar. Mylar is a tough, durable material (kind of like the American people) that can stand up to repeated use. Simply clean with a little warm water after each stencil session. If you'd like, you can even use a solvent like acetone; the material is tough enough to withstand even the heaviest industrial paint thinners.

Upon ordering, you'll be asked what size you'd like your Betsy Ross stencil to come in. We'd like to remind you that the sizes listed are for the entire stencil, not the circle of stars itself. This is important, because we include a .75” inside margin. If the project you have in mind is very precise and requires an exact size, this is worth bearing in mind before you order.

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