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The tree of life is perfect for conveying this widespread theme seen throughout many different cultures. From Ancient Iran to Christianity, and all the way to Buddhism. It's a symbol of knowledge, creation, and nature. The tree of life stencil is a favorite among spiritualists as well as nature and animal lovers. Our stencil is extreme detailed and comes in a variety of different sizes. Whether you prefer the tree of knowledge, the tree of life, or the cosmic tree, our stencil will suit all of your needs for any project.

If you want to add some decorations that bring tranquility to your life, our detailed tree of life stencils may be just what you're looking for if you. It works well with both a roller and spray paints, though we recommend using it on flat surfaces.

More about Tree of Life Stencils

The stencil depicts a beautifully drawn, intricately detailed tree. We carefully laser-cut each of our stencils so that none of the details are lost. The design is complex and yet very organic, much like nature itself. We like the tree because despite the fact that it is somewhat mundane, it still is a lifeform that holds much grace and power. Though it's easy to overlook them as we make our way about our busy lives, trees still provide us with a good portion of what we need to keep living. They give us food, oxygen and a sense of calm. Studies show that just looking at a photo of a tree can reduce anxiety significantly. Beyond this, trees are also symbols of longevity, strength and beauty. For this reason, we see the tree of life as representing the grace and strength which exists in each of us.

The tree of life is found in a variety of mythology systems. If you're a fan of Norse myths, then you may be familiar with Yggdrasil, a huge mythical tree that connected the nine realms with its branches (including our own realm, the planet Earth). In Iroquois myth, the world began when the first human to fall to Earth (then just a vast ocean) was saved from drowning by a giant turtle. This woman then planted a tree on the turtle's back, and through this action, created land for the first people on Earth to walk on. There are countless other myths from various other cultures that venerate the humble tree in this way, praising it for its life-giving qualities. Consider this stencil our own way of drawing attention to this beautiful being.

Available in 8 different sizes ranging from 6"x6" to 35"x35", you can use the tree of life stencil for a wide variety of arts and crafts. The intricate design allows for endless possibilities like using different colors for the leaves and trunk.

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