Growth Chart Stencil


It's an incredibly exciting time watching your kids grow up and marking the progress is one of those moments you'll always remember. The big milestones that come up like hitting the 48" mark and riding on bigger rides at amusement parks is so much fun. Also a good reminder so they'll eat their veggies!

Our growth chart stencil is the perfect tool for creating DIY ruler in your home. It's also a very fun and easy craft project. The stencil comes on an 18"x12" sheet with the numbers 1-6 for you to mark out 6 feet. The markings are 1" apart then you repeat the stencil to create each foot section of your growth chart.

Tips for using your growth chart

Be sure to have your growth height chart ruler laying down flat when you apply the stencil. You can roll the paint for a more precise finish. A small craft roller is ideal with a very small amount of paint on it. Any excess paint will cause it to bleed under the stencil making the finished result a bit blurred. Keeping the stencil firmly pressed down is key along with using a light amount of paint to get the best possible finished result.

Reusing and storing your stencil

The beauty of our stencils is they are totally reusable. We cut all of our stencils on 10 mil thick Mylar which is a plastic like material. The material is very durable and resistant to most solvents allowing you to clean it with paint thinner or similar paint removers type cleaners. So you'll be able to to pump out a garage full of growth charts if you'd like. Just clean the stencil after each use and store it flat or hanging. Don't roll up the stencil for storage, that can cause it to lose its flatness.

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