United States Map Outline Stencil

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This is a United States map stencil with outlines of all 50 states in the USA, created by an American company, using American materials, and all designed, cut, and shipped from within the USA. It honestly does not get any more American than that. Use this United States stencil to show off your love of the States by covering tables, walls, or pretty much any surface you can think of. Really handy if you're creating a travel map that shows everywhere you've been in our great nation.

Sidenote: if you're looking for a United States map stencil that isn't broken along state borders, you may want to check out this US Map stencil first. You may even consider getting both and playing with layering specific states on top of the complete United States map in different colors.

As with all our stencils, this badboy is built from 10mm-thick real American Mylar: a tough, durable material that stands up to more use and abuse than anything else we've tested. You'll be able to use and reuse your stencil as many times as you'd like, adding a little touch of freedom to any surface you can think of. When you've completed your patriotic duty creative project, simply wash with warm soapy water and let dry for next time. Beats the heck out of those paper stencils you made in school, hey?

Order now by selecting from any of the sizing options listed above. If you need a large us map stencil we can accommodate that no problem, our largest size is 55"x35".

You'll want to keep in mind however, that the total dimensions include a .75” inside border. That is, the actual United States stencil itself is a little smaller than the sizes listed. This border gives you something to hold on to while you paint and also helps prevents rips and tears from repeated use. Just something to keep in mind as you plan your project.

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