Cherry Blossom Stencil

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Cherry blossom time -- it's brief, but glorious. Cherry blossoms are eternal in your own home, though, with our cherry blossom stencil. It's a beautifully detailed and delicate representation of the iconic flower that fits seamlessly with Japanese-inspired decor. Use the cherry blossom stencil to infuse a sense of tranquility into the living space, or elevate a prosaic room to something special.

Cherry blossom stencils suit small crafts work, too. Bring a custom touch to a piece of furniture with the stencil and take advantage of the opportunity to experiment with the effects of combining colors and layering techniques before tackling bigger projects.

Our selection of sizes, from small tile to canvas dimensions, lets you create a variety of effects with the graphic. The tough, 10 mm thick, mylar material that we use for the stencil adds to the versatility. Since it's heat-resistant, washable, reusable and food safe, you can use it almost anywhere, in almost limitless configurations.

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