Snorting Copper

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Is Snorting Copper meant as irony or as a depiction of real life? The buyer will have to be the judge of that, although the bulk of Banksy’s work is ironically humorous in the extreme. Snorting is a very evocative image, the copper on his hands and knees with a coke pipe, following a while line down a back alley. The original image appeared on a wall on Curtain Road in London.

Banksy, the renowned artist, is one of the best-known of the London graffiti artists. His images are always mocking, always controversial, and always thought-provoking. In fact, as probably the ultimate twist of fate, the very people whom Banksy seeks to mock with his art are the very people who have most embraced it and made Banksy’s art some of the most sought-after art in the graffiti field.

Although much of Banksy’s art can be found on actual walls around London, a great deal of his best and most controversial work is also available on canvas.

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