Army Letter Stencil Set


Here is our Army style letter stencil laser cut on reusable Mylar for your DIY projects. Sizing is based on the uppercase capital letter "A" height.

Sometimes when you are creating signs, art, or other DIY projects, you need to paint words. And that means you need letters that will ensure you get the words painted perfectly. When you want an army feel to your words, you can turn to our Army Letter stencil set. This stencil design has all 26 letters of the alphabet in the traditional army font you would see on many armed forces vehicles and signs.

The only question for you is what will you use this letter set for? Are you creating a set for a play? Do you want to paint army-style letters on your vehicle? Do you have a unique design idea that will have you combine the Army Letter stencil set with another stencil design, such as the Military Star stencil?

Whatever you decide to do with the Army Letter stencil set, the key is to get the right paint for the surface on which you are painting. With that and the right stencil size, you can do anything. We laser-cut the Army Letter stencil set so the letters are 1” or 2” in size. This allows you to create small or large lettering wherever you like.

To use the Army Letter stencil set, simply secure the stencil in place so the letter you are painting is in the correct position. Once the letter is painted, you can lift the stencil and reposition it to paint the next letter. It’s easy to line the stencil up to get a professional look with evenly spaced letters. It’s also easy to clean the stencil when you’re done. That way, you can tuck it away for the next time you need it.

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