Aww Snap Thanksgiving Stencil

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Have you ever gone for a walk on a crisp fall morning, leaves crunching under your feet, a hot latte in your hand? What a magical adventure, a time when it almost seems as though the world is standing still, paused between the business of summer and the slow, steady march of winter. Fall is a wonderful time of year, a time to begin your retreat from the warmth of summer and take solace in family and friends. And what better way to express yourself at this time of year than with a great DIY stenciling project.

Well, we have the perfect stencil for you – the aww snap thanksgiving stencil. This stencil is fun, elegant, and sophisticated all in one beautiful image that you can literally paint anywhere. Paint it on wood, canvas, or metal to make beautiful art you can hang in your home or office, in your store, or in a community center. Go smaller and make handmade greeting cards, paint a gift bag or box or a t-shirt, or go really big and make signs and window decor that shout out a big fall welcome to anyone who sees it.

You can do all of this and more as long as you use the right paint for the medium and get the right stencil size for the job at hand. The aww snap thanksgiving design has a fun image and the words hello fall stencil written in a stunning combination of fonts. So, secure your stencil, paint your wonderful fall message for the world to see, and then wash your stencil and store it away somewhere safe until you or someone you know needs it again.

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