Checker Cookie Stencil


The checker pattern is a classic, one that is derived from the game of chess, which has been played on a checker patterned board for hundreds of years. Yet, the checker pattern has grown to be used in many different ways, such as on coats of arms or in the gingham pattern we see in clothing and other textiles. But what about using it in your baking? Well, now you can with our fabulous Checker Cookie stencil.

The Checker Cookie stencil is a perfect representation of the checker pattern done in a size that is ideal for stenciling it right onto cookies. The stencil is 5.5” x 5.5” and is designed to be used on cookies that are 3” to 4” in diameter. It's the perfect design pattern if you are making cookies for the chess or checkers lover in your life, or perhaps for a chess or checkers event.

Whatever the reason, you will love using this design, in part because it's so darn easy to use! Simply ice your cookies in the base layer color of your choice. Then choose a complementary color and use the stencil and a fine-tipped icing applicator to draw the checked design right onto the cookie. You can decorate dozens of cookies in no time. And if you want some variety in your cookies, you can do some of them with other stencil designs, such as our Chevron Cookie stencil.

Just remember to keep your stencil and wash it once you're finished. The stencil is durable and reusable, which means you can store it safely away until you or someone you know needs it again. What a great, environmentally friendly DIY investment it is!

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