Chop It Like It's Hot Stencil

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If you love to cook or have a chef or cook in your life, then our Chop It Like It's Hot stencil is sure to please. This is such a fun stencil. It features the words, “chop it like it's hot” separated by a chopping knife. What a great stencil design to spruce up your kitchen decor. You can stencil it right onto the wall or onto a piece of art or a sign you can hang in your kitchen. If you run a restaurant, you can hang it in your work kitchen.

This stencil will also make great stencil art that you can sell at craft shows. Just put it on wood, metal, or canvas or stencil it onto a t-shirt. You can even use it to ice a cake or in other baking thanks to the food-grade quality of the mylar. You can put it on just about any material, as long as you are using the right paint. And because we offer the Chop It Like It's Hot stencil in a range of sizes, you have complete versatility in how you use it. Available sizes include:

  • 6” x 6”
  • 8” x 8”
  • 12” x 12”
  • 15” x 15”
  • 20” x 20”
  • 25” x 25”
  • 30” x 30”
  • 35” x 35”

You can make this design pop with any paint colors you like. All you need to do is secure the stencil flat to the surface and paint. When you lift the stencil, you will have a nice, crisp image left behind, thanks to our laser cutting process. Then you can wash the stencil and store it for future use because the durable mylar material will stay strong for many years to come.

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