Deer Head Cookie Stencil


Deer are majestic creatures, with their antlers standing proudly on the top of their head. They are a symbol of nature and the forest and they are the protector of all other forest creatures. They also represent intuition, sensitivity, and gentleness. And now you can bring the power of the deer into your baking. Yes, that's right. With our Deer Head Cookie stencil, you can make classy deer cookies that look professional and elegant, all in just a few minutes.

Whether you have a hunter in your family or circle of friends or just someone who loves deer and nature, the Deer Head Cookie stencil is a great way to bake a treat that represents them. The design on the stencil features an eight-point buck. It's truly stunning and a great way to start or end the hunting season.

The stencil is 5.5” x 5.5” and is perfect for icing cookies that are 3” to 4” in diameter. All you need is a fine-tipped icing applicator, two colors of icing ready to go, and your cooled cookies. Ice the cookies with a base layer, then lay the stencil over top and center it and then you can draw the design on with the applicator. It's easy and quick.

And when you're done, the cleanup couldn't be easier. Just wash the stencil in warm, soapy water, dry it, and store it away until you or someone you know needs it again. This is one eco-friendly DIY baking investment you'll be proud you made. And your friends and family will be happy too, since they'll be able to borrow it.

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