Easter Chick Cookie Stencil


Easter eggs are a timeless symbol of Easter and spring celebrations worldwide. And what comes out of those eggs? Chicks! Baby chicks are a symbol of spring and the Easter holiday, second only to the Easter bunny and the Easter egg. Chicks are cute and soft and represent the new life of spring. And now you can have chicks on your Easter cookies!

Yes, we have a wonderful Easter Chick Cookie stencil that you can use when decorating cookies for your Easter events. Whether you are making cookies for your family, for a class party, or for a large event, you can decorate your cookies quickly and easily with our Easter Chick Cookie stencil. The stencil design is simple, depicting a cute, plump little chick. It's perfect to use on its own or to use along with our other Easter stencil designs, such as the Easter Rabbit Cookie stencil.

The Easter Chick Cookie stencil is so easy to use. The stencil size is 5.5” x 5.5” and is ideal for use with 3” to 4” cookies (or large cupcakes). Just apply a base icing layer to the cookies, then lay the stencil over top and draw the chick design on using an icing applicator with a fine tip. You can literally decorate dozens of cookies in just a few minutes and they will look completely professional.

When you're done decorating, all you need to do is wash the stencil and store it away until next Easter. It's durable and will last many years. Just be prepared for friends and family to ask to borrow it. They will definitely want to make cookies for all their Easter events.

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