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Did you know that emojis were invented back in the 1990s? And now they are such a staple of our communication that we probably can't even imagine sending a text message without them. One of the most popular emojis is the blowing kiss, which we can use to send casual kisses to friends and family, or a kiss to that special someone. Well, now we have a different way you can send a kiss, with our Emoji Blowing Kiss stencil.

The Emoji Blowing Kiss stencil is the perfect replica of the famous emoji, but it's one you can take out of the digital realm and paint anywhere you want. Make greeting cards, emoji stencil art, or a great big sign to tell someone you love them. Combine it with any of our other emoji stencils, such as the Emoji Heart Eyes stencil, to create a series of emoji t-shirts.

All you need to create your emoji DIY masterpiece is the right paint for the surface and the right stencil size. With the right paint, you can paint on surfaces such as walls, glass, concrete, paper, fabric, plastic, metal, wood, and canvas. And with the range of sizes we offer, you can tackle projects big or small. Available sizes include:

  • 6” x 6”
  • 8” x 8”
  • 12” x 12”
  • 15” x 15”
  • 20” x 20”
  • 25” x 25”
  • 30” x 30”
  • 35” x 35”

So, get your yellow and red paint, or any other colors you prefer, secure your stencil to the surface, and paint! The result will be hilarious and welcome by anyone who sees it. After all, emojis shouldn't be confined to the digital realm. And since the stencil is durable and reusable, simply wash it when you're done and tuck it away until you need it again.

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